Monday, July 10, 2017

"Who in each sorrow bears a part that none can bear below."

"The Heavy Burden"
[Honoré Daumier]

Hymn: “There Is a Name I Love to Hear” - Frederick Whitfield (1829-1904)

There are indeed earthly sorrows that no other human can help us carry. We know those sorrows – the loss of friends and family members, great career difficulties, the final implosion of a long relationship… and our personal list goes on and on, sometimes beyond anyone else’s imaginings. Because we keep that stiff upper lip and maintain the cheerful countenance, those around us may not even know that we need their help to shoulder the current load.

This One who first loved us, and about whom we sing of our love – he can take on any sorry we may hoist upon him and help us deal with it. He may even turn that sorrow into eventual joy.

My wife Carlita is terribly fond of a Rascal Flats song that talks about coming through difficulties into eventual joy:
            Every long lost dream led me to where you are.
            Others who broke my heart, they were like Northern stars
            Pointing me on my way into your loving arms.
            This much I know is true:
            That God blessed the broken road
            That led me straight to you.*

For most of us, there have been many broken roads – probably more broken dreams. Above all the stuff that seemed at the time to be broken, there stood a loving, observant, compassionate Savior. And as soon as he saw that the sorrow was about to weigh us down and make us immobile, he changed positions and came underneath us to bear the part that none can bear in this life.

Upon comprehending his help and feeling the weight somewhat lifted, we have no other refrain to sing but: O how much I love Jesus… because he first loved me.

Hear Alan Jackson Sing This Hymn

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Hymnlines - Hemlines: Get it?! :)